Power-Plate Vibration

Power PlatePower Plate

The Power Plate is a vibration machine used to increase blood flow and frequency of muscular contractions. Vibration triggers an automatic suppression response in the brain that generates skeletal muscle contractions at the same frequency as the vibration. For example, one minute on the Power Plate at 30 hertz will generate 1,800 muscle contractions throughout the body. Vibration training was developed in the Soviet Union in the 1970s to increase bone density in astronauts.

Using the equation Force = Mass x Acceleration, vibration training manipulates the acceleration, whereas in weight training, mass is manipulated by the addition of weight or resistance. The higher the hertz (vibrations per second), the higher the number of muscle contractions per second and the greater the force.

The Power Plate vibrates on three planes, which targets almost all skeletal muscle fibres in the body, no matter their orientation. This is particularly good for postural muscles as it stimulates those muscle fibres involved in control as well as the power muscles. Power Plate vibration will help to increase strength, stability and flexibility, but it is not a substitute for aerobic exercise or structured exercise programs involving multiple coordinated movements. We use the Power Plate for specific problems or in an existing program.