Catch-up Sessions

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If you are enrolled by the term and cannot attend at your usual time spot, you can book to attend at another time (a catch-up session), providing you have given a minimum of 24 hours notice that you cannot attend at your usual session time. If you cannot attend a session, please let the studio know as soon as possible, and write your name and your session time in the Catch-up Diary in the studio, under the date you cannot attend. If you require a catch-up session, look in the Catch-up Diary for a name showing when someone will be away at a date and time that suits you. Cross that name out and write your own name beside it. It is your responsibility to schedule a catch-up, as they are done on the ‘honour system’.

Please note: Catch-up sessions are only available for continuing clients providing you write your name in the Catch-up Diary and give 24 hours notice that you cannot attend. It is not possible to do catch-up sessions once you are not paying term fees.

If you anticipate missing several sessions then it may be better to give up your spot and re-enrol when you return. However, you must make this arrangement in advance, not in arrears. If you are going away for an extended time, your place in a session cannot be held for you unless you are paying for it. In these circumstances it may be much cheaper and easier for you to give up your spot and book in again when you return. In all probability you will still be able to find a suitable time, or your previous time may still be available. If you are particularly attached to a certain time spot, you will need to pay for it and try to catch up the missed sessions.