Session Fees

Session Details Catch-up Sessions

Initial assessments and private lessons - $132.00, including GST, payable at the end of the session.

Term fees for sessions with one instructor and four clients who receive individual tuition - Clients who wish to save money pay by the term. The term is usually 10 weeks, but may be as short as 8 weeks or as long as 11 weeks, depending on public holidays and the length of the school term. The term fee is adjusted for these irregularities. Those who commence or stop Pilates during a term still pay have the term rate, but there is a pro rata adjustment.

Multi-session and Pensioner Discounts on Term Payments - For the partners/spouses of clients, there is a family discount of $3.30 per session for the second person of the couple. For those taking two or more sessions per week or clients on an aged pension there is a further discount of $2.20 per session, including GST.

Casual rate for one-on-four session – Sessions usually consist of 1 instructor working with 4 clients, who receive individual tuition. The fee is higher than the term rate, but can be very economical for those who cannot attend regularly.

For more information on fees, please text your email address to 0418604105.


Please note: Under the term system all participants have a set time spot and there is no discount for sessions that are not attended. However, if you give at least 24 hours notice that you cannot attend at your usual time and/or write your name in the Catch-Up diary, you may schedule a catch-up session.