Session Details

Session Fees Catch-up Sessions

Attendance - once per week unless there are special requirements.

Session length - 75 minutes and participants are then expected to complete 15 minutes of stretching at the end of their session. Initial assessments are 90 minutes and private lessons are 60 minutes.

Size of session - normally kept to 4.

Danielle Leach
Flexibility comes with practice

Teaching process - each client is taught individually within the parameters of his/her age, fitness level, strength, flexibility, body shape and pathologies.

Clothing - wear clothing in which you will feel comfortable when you are lying on your back with your legs in the air eg. leggings and t-shirt or bike pants and t-shirt. Also, please wear socks.

Term length - the studio roughly follows the Department of Education school terms, although, clients who wish to continue through the holidays, may do so. Special sessions such as initial assessments etc. are also held during school holidays.

Studio Hours    
Monday 10.00AM till 3.15PM 4.00PM till 9.15PM
Tuesday 9.45AM till 3.00PM 4.00PM till 9.15PM
Wednesday 10.00AM till 2.00PM 3.30PM till 9.00PM
Thursday 7.00AM till 3.00PM 3.30PM till 8.45PM
Friday 7.30AM till 11.30AM  

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